More on the ATARC Mobile Computing Summit

S. Sydorko and R.Ohara
| 10 May 2016
Last month, we described our experience at one of the sessions at the Mobile summit put together by

ATARC Mobile Computing Summit

Priya Dewsbury
| 08 April 2016
Our team attended the Federal Mobile Computing Summit by the Advanced Technology Academic Research C

Collaborate Better with SharePoint

C. Russell, Technical Project Manager
| 01 April 2016

Often, the biggest challenges when working with others is collaborating efficiently.  If we

Innovation and Cost

Holly Wright, Project Manager
| 17 March 2016
There has recently been a lot of talk about innovation and the benefits associated with being innova

Mobile Apps vs. Responsive Web Design

Hoa Pham, Director
| 23 February 2016

A critical IT dilemma that commercial businesses and federal organizations are facing today is th


Conclusion of PHP Frameworks Comparison- 2015/2016

Rohit Gupta, President
| 01 February 2016

Over the last many months, we have evaluated the major PHP frameworks that are in use in the indu

Getting the Most Out of Your Year

Amee Shah, CEO
| 18 January 2016

As you begin 2016, have you asked your team what their professional goals are for the year?

Cheers to a New Year!

Amee Shah, CEO
| 05 January 2016

Welcome to 2016!  We at Artemis Consulting are excited to get started on another year of wor

And, Now a Wrap-Up!

Amee Shah, CEO
| 01 January 2016

Here at Artemis Consulting, 2015 was an exciting year.


Scala and XML – The New Kid on the Block

Andrew Benner, Senior Developer
| 12 December 2015

Every time you turn around it seems there is a new computer language vying for the coveted spot a