Services Summary

Artemis Consulting serves a broad array of clients in both the public and private sectors. We have a full suite of digital offerings that start with the customer experience, providing web and cloud transformations that create transparency and collaboration.

For Federal clients, our goal is to provide comprehensive information technology solutions that address agency and department missions. The government’s current push has been toward IT modernization—to increase cloud adoption and accelerate transformation, and Artemis is at the forefront of some of these modernization efforts. We assist with modernizing legacy technology systems and, in some case, paper processes, by utilizing innovative practices to improve services to citizens, which reduce operational costs and enhance security, enabling agencies to be more digital and forward-thinking technologically. We also have modernized internal Government systems to allow Federal employees conduct their core mission tasks with newer tools and technologies.

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Artemis Consulting is a trusted partner for organizations wishing to transform themselves into the digital age, modernize their business processes and revamp their digital presence. IT leaders face challenges today to support their evolving missions, meeting citizen and stakeholder expectations, while addressing security needs and cyber threats on a continuous basis. Advancing markets and new technologies also bring about a whole host of disruption. We are a technology partner that keeps pace with advancements in technology solutions, user experience, cloud adoption and security that is needed to support IT leaders’ challenges. Artemis Consulting is a digital transformation partner that listens, understands, and moves fearlessly with strategy, recommendations, implementation and ongoing operational support.

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Artemis Consulting has been successful in helping clients reimagine and reinvent Customer Experience (CX) resulting in creating appealing and intuitive experiences. CX is not limited to just User Experience (UX), which is focused on making services intuitive and easy to use, but in taking a holistic view of the services being offered to a “customer” whether in the context of a consumer of services or a consumer of information. As a trusted partner that keeps pace with the challenges related to open government initiatives and systems modernization, Artemis Consulting is a CX partner that listens, understands, and moves fearlessly with CX strategy, UX recommendations, and eventually building out digital services that support the CX strategy.

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Artemis Consulting has the expertise required to help organizations move to the cloud with confidence. We have helped organizations migrate legacy applications to the cloud and also design cloud-native applications from the ground up using the principles of virtualization, microservices, API-based architecture, horizontal scalability and auto-scaling based on load. We have helped do this with a focus on security and ensuring continuity of operations in the face of cyberattacks or catastrophic data center failures.