User Experience Playbook

The goal of this playbook is to assist any government agency or organization in providing a solution related to a product (e.g., website, software or web/mobile application) that involves users or customers. The plays will guide you step-by-step through the UX process, offering tools and techniques to help you on this journey.

ux wires with digital graphic overlay

Play 1: Create a User-Centric Design Process

Drive Design Decisions from User Input

people working with sticky notes

Play 2: Define Initial Requirements

Gather Business Needs and Goals from Stakeholders

lo-fi sketches and sticky notes for user research

Play 3: Conduct User Research

Employ Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods

affinity map

Play 4: Analyze Research Results

Understand Users through Visual Diagrams

pen laying on top of hand drawn sketches

Play 5: Produce Wireframes & Prototypes

Brainstorm Structure and Essential Elements Using Wireframes and Prototypes

people testing on different devices

Play 6: Conduct User Testing

Perfect the Digital Product through Continuous Testing