Play 1: Lead with Organizational Values For Smoother Integration

Embrace and incorporate core values

At Artemis Consulting our core values underpin and inform every interaction we have– with internal operations, with external vendors, in the services provided to our clients, and even in the communities where we live.

group of people putting their hands in together


Core Values

Artemis Consulting Inc. is a professional services firm offering IT Technology Solutions, Management Consulting Services and Government Services. We envision each client engagement as a technology partnership. As your technology partner, Artemis Consulting employees wholeheartedly embrace the following values and incorporate them into every designed and customized solution we build. 

  • Integrity
    • Be world-class every day 
  • Communication
    • Share openly 
  • Collaboration
    • Democratic leadership 
    • Embedded partnerships 
    • Root for each other 
  • Practical Innovation
    • Strategic technology road mapping  
    • Understand problems and mitigate risks 
  • Social Responsibility
    • Encourage greater connection with the world around us  
    • Live and demonstrate diversity and inclusion 
  • Quality Policy
    • Continuous improvement of our processes and business practices 


  • Gauge the strength of your technology partner in the technologies that your organization is moving towards 
  • Choose a technology partner who shares the expertise and deep knowledge of these technology areas 
  • Ensure your technology partner brings passion and credibility to your project


  • Does your technology partner have a commitment to customer success?  
  • Will your technology partner get in the trenches with you through unexpected challenges to ensure value is delivered? 
  • Does your technology partner have a proven track record with digital transformation? 
  • Can your technology partner provide testimonials of customer feedback?