Digital Transformation Playbook

Artemis Consulting believes these eleven plays are critical for achieving a successful digital strategy when utilizing the software development lifecycle process.

city connected by digital lines

Play 2: Architect for Enterprise, Scalability & Integration

Architect enterprise ready solution from get-go

paper prototype sketches

Play 3: Be Informed by Multiple Best of Breed Software Design Strategies

Offer multiple design strategies for every aspect of problem

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Play 4: Use Tools & Accelerators for Efficiency & Reusability

Use accelerators for tasks based on pre-defined logic and data behavior

laptop with software icons

Play 5: Build with Software Development Best Practices & Tools

Guide processes and tool selection using software development best practices

version control

Play 6: Build a Process Around Version Control Best Practices

Utilize version control for team collaboration and communication

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Play 7: Plan for an Evolving Testing Manual & Automated Strategy

Develop test strategy to evolve and mature with digital transformation

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Play 8: Continuously Align to Quality & Standards Throughout Delivery

Track industry standards, laws and regulations for federal agency-owned systems

charts and graphs

Play 9: Create Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Data Analytics

Leverage data analytics for constantly changing insights

icons for various services

Play 10: Realize Changes Needed for Microservices Technical Governance

Establish policies and standards for gaps in microservices governance

digital padlock

Play 11: Bake in Security at All Levels – Software, Hardware & Deployment

Develop and integrate security planning into SDLC