Artemis Consulting Assists the U.S. Copyright Office with the Expansion of its Recordation System to the Public

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In 2020, the U.S. Copyright Office (USCO) launched its copyright recordation platform pilot program to eventually replace its current paper-based process. As part of its multi-year modernization efforts, this recordation platform is part of USCO’s new web-based cloud-hosted Enterprise Copyright System. This month, the USCO expanded access to the platform, enabling them to now accept web-based submissions of copyright documents from the general public that pertain to electronic processing recorded under section 205 of Title 17 of the Copyright Act. 

In partnership with the USCO staff, OCIO staff, and other stakeholders, Artemis Consulting has been working collaboratively to provide several features and functions through the recordation system, including online submissions of transfers and other documents, easy search of submissions, online payment, and a centralized message center for correspondence. 

Overall, this system is not only helping automate how customers submit documents but is also improving the communication processes between the USCO and remitters through a user-centric portal and an internal Copyright examiner dashboard. It offers a modern public-facing web interface using the latest principles of data management, audit tracking, and user experience. The site also uses state-of-the-art data architecture for rapid submission and search and a streamlined user interface compliant with accessibility standards and mobile responsiveness. User input and feedback allowed for building a system in which the entire process and turnaround time are much faster. 

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