Artemis Reflects on the PHP[World] Conference


I just got back from the php conference where Artemis Chief Technologist Rohit Gupta and I gave a talk sharing our experiences working on federal websites. It was a great experience that helped me find out about several things that are on the minds of PHP Developers these days.

Here are few of the themes that were most prevalent among the presentations:

-Security: Presentations on Authentication, Cryptography and E-Commerce demonstrated that this community continues to put a high priority on this topic.

-Symfony: I attended many talks where the challenges of converting legacy projects to Symfony were discussed. I think it’s fair to say that the momentum is tilting heavily towards Symfony and away from other frameworks.

-CMS and E-commerce systems: WordPress, Drupal, Magento presentations were abundant – demonstrating that these long-standing platforms continue to be popular.

I was reminded of just how robust the PHP community is in the development arena. There were also several DC-area meetups that were held in the conference venue. Local developers who were not registered for the conference were welcome to attend these. All in all – I highly recommend this conference to any PHP developers looking to connect with others while learning about new things.