Privacy Policy

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Protecting our users’ personal information is important to Artemis Consulting. We collect, use, and share information obtained from mobile users only in the following ways:

  • Personal information is used only when you voluntarily provide it directly to us, or when you grant third parties permission to allow us to use your personal information
  • Personal information is used only for its intended purpose
  • Personal information is disclosed to contractors or partners only to carry out your requests. Third parties either follow our privacy policy or prominently display their own
  • Personal information is not disclosed to outside parties, including government agencies, without first obtaining permission from you, unless disclosure is required by law or court order
  • We provide a safe online environment for children in accordance with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) principles
  • We have safeguards to protect all information collected


Types of Information Collected

We collect three categories of information, some of which may be used for commercial marketing.  We have safeguards in place to protect all this information, including only allowing access by designated staff that require access in order to perform their duties.

  1. Automatically Collected Information
    We strive to provide the best experience for you. We may automatically collect and store the following non-personally identifiable information: The name of the domain, IP address, date/time from which you accessed the app; the sections of the app that were accessed; the type of device used.

    This information allows us to improve our app’s design, presentation, usability and performance. We collect this information from anyone who uses our apps.

    Certain customization tools will allow you to voluntarily provide information to personalize and improve your app experience. Information from customization tools is saved on our servers, or on the servers of the mobile app eco-system (Alexa, etc.).

  2. Personal Information
    Personal information may be required to use certain features of our app, such as making an in-app purchase, providing targeted content, responding to a feedback request, or reporting issues about the app. We always inform you what information is required, and only use that information for its stated purpose. If you provide the information requested, then you consent to our using the information for the stated purpose. If you do not provide the information then some app features may be unavailable.

Occasionally, we work with third party providers that are not exclusively operated by Artemis Consulting, to provide a better app presentation or user experience. These third-party sites and applications will either follow our privacy policy, or prominently display their own. We do not provide personal information to outside organizations without first obtaining your consent, other than for authorized government law enforcement activities.


Children’s Privacy Policy

Our apps are not targeted to children under 13 though they do provide content that may be useful to children.  If we become aware that a child under the age of 13 has contacted us and disclosed that they are under the age of 13, we will respond to the request and then delete any identifying information. We will disclose information about a child under the age of 13 if it is necessary to protect the child, the app or its backend servers, or to respond to a law enforcement inquiry. We take children’s privacy seriously, and encourage parents to contact us with any questions or concerns. Similarly, parents who would like to notify us of personally identifiable information collected from a child under the age of 13 that should be deleted should contact us.