Android and iOS Mobile apps, Alexa skills and flash briefings, Google Home apps.

Artemis Consulting has extensive experience with native, web and hybrid mobile application development.  We have the expertise to guide you in the design, development and deployment of mobile applications from the beginning to end, creating unique and engaging user experiences.  We also have demonstrated experience to create Alexa skills and flash briefings, along with Google Home applications.

We offer the following:

  • Mobile application development for iOS and Android with complete execution of development lifecycle from product concept, development, testing to release on Apple App Store and Play Store.
  • API-driven mobile applications that allows content from customer’s back-end servers to be available in mobile applications.
  • Use of modular technical design principles that promote flexibility and allow future functionality to be easily developed and integrated.
  • Mobile-oriented UX design that adheres to well established design principles, such as Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Brand-oriented UI design that maintains and enhances the visual appeal of every brand in a mobile application.
  • Attention to detail that enables mobile applications to be part of the larger mobile application ecosystem.
  • Information Architecture (IA) that offers better User Experience (UX), improves systems integration and simpler multi-channel publishing

Case Study
To assist one of our clients in their efforts to expand their digital footprint, Artemis Consulting began providing mobile software development maintenance and support services.  In our role, we collaborate with the client team in supporting the maintenance of existing mobile apps to ensure that they continue to perform well on their newly released OS versions, as well as help repair and resolve any issues that arise with these apps.
Additionally, the Artemis team assists with the development of any new mobile products and apps that support the iOS and Android platforms.  Specifically, we aid with continually developing prototypes that offer the ability to browse and search databases; display images, audio and video content; receive notifications; display information about events, programs and facilities; exhibit virtual reality and augmented reality features; and “plan your visit” features with the available content.