Enterprise Content Management

Artemis Consulting helps organizations develop strategies as well as design, implement and support solutions that allow them to better manage and leverage their use of enterprise “content,” achieving cost and process efficiencies. We take a microservices approach, wrapping either custom built or proprietary services around disparate and diverse content repositories and platforms to serve the vast variety of customer needs. This can be as simple as implementation of a governance and compliance service across multiple Content Management Systems, or as complex as developing an automated, component based, content authoring and publishing platform that includes multi-channel distribution.

What Artemis Can Do for You

Our content services offerings include open source, proprietary and hybrid solutions.

For organizations that are in the business of delivering content via print or online (pdf, web, mobile), it is often optimal to pursue an automated authoring and publishing capability based on XML componentized content. With capabilities such as embedded workflows, granular role- based permissioning and content reuse, organizations realize significant efficiencies and improved governance and compliance. Artemis can implement products such as the Quark Publishing Platform and custom API interfaces with existing legacy systems, transforming the way you do business.

Content Management Systems (CMS) play a prominent role in many organizations who need to create, manage and serve web content to constituents. While vendors such as Adobe, Oracle and IBM have excellent offerings in this space, open source platforms (or platforms built on open source technologies, such as Bloomreach DXP based on Hippo), can be appealing from a cost or customization perspective. However, often times organizations focus too much on the technology at the expense of users and the culture within the organization, ultimately losing the user acceptance battle early on.