Custom application development, Big Data apps, large scalable transactional websites

Artemis Consulting builds scalable custom applications, Big Data solutions and large transactional websites that are tailored to your unique needs, helping fuel your business growth. We build engaging public-facing websites that deliver content to the public and internal users through multiple delivery mechanisms, as well as internal and external web applications that serve transactional needs, such as financial systems, case management systems, and service requests.

We offer the following:  

  • Custom Application Development with a focus on User Experience, Mobile First and Cloud First Approaches
  • Big Data Applications that help transform legacy systems by leveraging new technologies to get valuable insights from data about usage, infrastructure, users, and the environment
  • API & Microservice Architecture, Scaling Horizontally and Vertically, using autoscaling algorithms for Cloud Native Apps
  • Open government and citizen empowerment applications, such as those focused on Congress and Constitutional Law, with a focus on Customer Experience (CX) and User experience (UX)
  • Large scalable transactional websites that are built from the ground up after reinventing the entire Customer experience
  • Crowd-Sourcing applications that allow for enhancement of content and metadata, and providing opportunities for serendipitous discovery
  • Custom application development designed from the ground up using cloud principles
  • Large scalable transactional websites built to achieve high throughput and scale
  • Crowd-Sourcing applications running on cloud platforms
  • A&A support for cloud-based applications, including the ability to obtain Authorities to Operate (ATO)

Case Study
For one of our clients, Artemis Consulting is building robust application platforms for public-facing client websites, as well as front-end administrative tools and various supporting applications to handle accounts, alerts and emails. We use the PHP server-side scripting language with both the Zend and Symfony web application frameworks. With Symfony working well with most platforms and infrastructure deployments and offering many developer tools, we are able to provide higher quality applications that can be maintained for a long time, as well as more adaptable ones due to reusable and testable code. Artemis Consulting also uses WordPress and Drupal which are PHP-based content management systems, and excels in designing and implementing content-driven PHP CMS websites.