Which New Digital Tools Should You Adopt?


As new and cool digital tools come out every day – it’s hard for the government and business to keep up. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends and feel that you “must” adopt tools that you see other companies adopt. It is also common to feel overwhelmed by the choices out there. Try these criteria in making your decision:

• Automates a manual process. Does it automate a process or can it increase the speed at which a business process can be accomplished in a unique way? Efficiency continues to be a key to making tight budgets go further.

• Improves the customer experience. You know your customer’s biggest pain points, what would make them stay loyal to you, and improve your brand. Does this tool meet any of those key customer service objectives – better than other tools you might have considered?

• Simplifies work or a process for your employees. We are facing a tight labor market for skilled labor, if you can easily make your employees happy, do not pass on the opportunity.

• Cost effectiveness. Is the ROI on it sound? Is it unique or different than other tools you have considered? Can you afford to buy AND maintain the tool i.e. its total cost of ownership? If you can not, do more research and see if there are alternatives you should consider.

• Another Need: Lastly, ask yourself, is there another problem or issue that is better solved by technology? It could be that you might not have found the tool you really need. If that’s the case, keep looking!