We Welcome 2018!


We started the year with lots of high-fiving having learned that we made the Entrepreneur Magazine 360 List for Best Entrepreneur Companies in America!  Entrepreneur magazine evaluates small businesses yearly on four metrics—impact, innovation, growth and leadership—recognizing those who are doing an exceptional job in growing their business, and adding value to the world.  

We are also excited about being involved in the 2018 PyCon Conference in Cleveland this May, the largest gathering for the open-source Python programming language community.  We are proud to be an event sponsor and plan to attend, so please join us!  

We are currently in the process of putting together another interesting line-up of blogs this year.  We continue to believe in being a part of the open-source technology community.  Not only do we intend to continue being a strong advocate for them, but we also plan to bolster support for our clients who want to move to open-source technology.  To this end, we will be sharing our lessons learned and perspective whenever we can tear our team away from working with the technologies. We are strong advocates of application design and user design that enables web and application accessibility for all; these will be another area we will share our expertise and insights on throughout the year. We also have a range of other of interesting topics planned, including managing for success, network monitoring tools and best practices, lessons on the Agile development process, and discussion of a whole host of other technological tools and solutions.  

Come check back monthly to learn and grow from the new blogs we have for you!   Our remarkable team will be delving into these topics and more, sharing their views and perspectives with the   community at large.