Automating Web Browser Tests Using Selenium and Behavior Driven Development


QA is an important part of the web development process to ensure that software quality is tested and maintained. As developers come up with new features and functionalities to implement on the site being developed, there will always be plenty of things to test as well as a need to ensure that existing features and functionality are not broken (i.e. regression testing). Unfortunately, many of these tasks become repetitive and tedious. For example, having to fill in a form time and time again to verify that the form is capturing the correct information and giving you the right results can be a repetitive and tiresome task. Luckily for us, today we have tools that can help us automate these testing tasks so that you can have the software do the work for you.

We have many tools at our disposal today. Amongst them are Behave Framework and Selenium Webdriver. You can combine these two tools to use the behavior driven testing of Behave and the Webdriver tools Selenium provides to create automated tests. Let’s take the forms example I mentioned above. You can write a Behave test to do this task for you over and over without consuming your precious time. That is just one example of what these tools can do for you. Anything that you would normally be testing manually inside of a browser window can be automated. Imagine how much time you can save when you can automate these tests instead of spending hours doing them yourself manually.

Now that we have gotten a baseline on the basics in our next testing blog we will look at how to install and use Selenium Web Driver.