Artemis Heads to M-Enabling Summit


Artemis Consulting is excited to attend the M-Enabling Summit. Being no stranger to developing top-notch accessible websites, Artemis hopes to learn about new technologies and trends in accessible and assistive technologies for individuals living with disabilities and senior citizens around the world. The Summit will cover innovations that are leading the way in helping these individuals access digital content and other services. Artemis Consulting has been working on many important accessibility initiatives for multiple projects in the Federal Government, and as we covered in a previous blog post, we believe accessibility should be included in all aspects of the digital and internet experience not just due to compliance reasons but also due to users needs. Artemis recently re-did the entire web experience for a major federal agency that is focused on providing services to individuals with disablilities, and is helping other large and small clients achieve their accessibility needs.

Later this week we will share some of our insights from the Summit, including new cutting edge solutions we encountered. Also, look for our blogs later this year on new accessibility standards coming into play in 2018.