And, Now a Wrap-Up!


Here at Artemis Consulting, 2015 was an exciting year. We built new web management and mobile app tools, infused Agile into all that we could, and grew the Artemis family.

Along the way, we have sought to share our perspective and expertise on important ideas and emerging trends as promised in our From the Quiver blog. Our technical team took on the challenge of ferreting out details about 5 top PHP frameworks, providing pointers on the PHP certification process and developing iBooks. Security was on all our minds, and understanding the new reality when it comes to IT security was another topic we attempted to demystify. Our management consulting team tackled translating key factors that business managers must understand with web development and creating a mobile presence, along with an array of topics on core management principles.

We hope you have enjoyed the From the Quiver blog. We have enjoyed sharing our expertise with you and look forward to bringing you new perspectives, insights, and our story – again in 2016.