2017 Line-up


It is hard to believe we are well into February 2017 already! Our leadership and delivery teams dove into 2017 with high energy and extreme focus on our clients’ highest priorities and challenges. You may be wondering what direction our Blogs, or as we call them internally “our voices” are headed in this year. We have an exciting line-up of awesome blogs planned with a continued focus on two areas of persistent interest among our clients and peers – mobile development and accessible web/mobile solutions.

Why are we focused on mobile friendliness and accessibility? Let me ask you a question, on what device are you reading this article……..could it be by chance in the palm of your hand? Mobile applications or mobile adaptability is at the top of everyone’s list, from small business to large government agencies, as they scramble to get their data and content to their customers across a large array of devices. At the same time, designing new applications or rebuilding old applications, accessibility of the content by all customers is the emerging norm.

We will also spend some time on Agile delivery as each of our highly skilled professionals are also becoming Agile development experts. As you well know, Agile delivery is becoming the new norm for development in most industries. Our teams, whether they are managing a project, developing, or just performing administrative functions, have all adopted Agile into their projects, tasks, and thought processes. Our focus helps with incremental delivery that drives continuous business value.

We hope you check back weekly as the year progresses to see what our incredible professionals have to say as they voice their stories and perspectives on topics close to their hearts and of importance to our community!