Artemis Consulting, Inc. is dedicated to meeting the needs of our valued clients, helping them realize their organization’s vision and mission through resilient and scalable information technology solutions, and well-planned and managed programs and operations. We bring an ethos of collaboration and teamwork to every engagement, and we approach our clients’ challenges from an independent view to make sure they receive solutions tailored to their specific needs and environment.

Creating an environment that is both interesting and fulfilling for our employees and consultants is also a cornerstone of our mission. We firmly believe that if we take care of our employees, our employees will take care of our clients, bringing their unique blend of experience and skills to bear to solve our clients’ toughest challenges and goals. We balance our teams with a blend of seasoned professionals, subject matter experts, and analysts to maximize innovative thinking and client-specific solutions. With the right team in place, we also focus on creating an optimized work environment. At Artemis Consulting, we believe that by helping our employees achieve their own missions, we are enabling them to help our clients with theirs.


At Artemis Consulting, our core values carry through every interaction we have, within our internal operations, in the services we provide to our clients, and even in our community involvement.


We are intent on involving our clients every step of the way as we identify and manage constraints and secure buy-in to proposed solutions. We want to hear about challenges, pain points, and the features our clients wish for, so that we can create an optimal package to suit their needs.


Beyond communication, we are dedicated to working together with our clients to understand their environment and develop tailored solutions that our clients truly need and want. We utilize a continuous feedback loop to ensure that our development team is creating measurable effective solutions and we will work with our clients iteratively until success is achieved.

Practical Innovation

We employ realistic, practical thinking approaches that generate feasible, yet cutting-edge, scalable solutions. While solving the problems of today, we are cognizant of the challenges our clients are likely to encounter tomorrow (whether technical, managerial, regulatory or legislative) and build in features and functions that mitigate these risks.

Artemis Consulting employees have embraced these values wholeheartedly, and we incorporate them into every customized solution we design. Our goal is to create technology and management solutions that are long-term, sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective, not solutions that will just plug a hole for the time being, only to wear out over time or cause another leak somewhere else in the system. While we love repeat business, we believe that business should stem from new growth and opportunity for the client, not from an oversight during a previous engagement. We are committed to getting ideal solutions in place the first time by adhering to our values and delivering unparalleled service.