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SharePoint is an outsized addition to the everyday office tools used in a typical organization.  It empowers teams and organizations to intelligently discover and share information, allowing individuals to better collaborate with each other using both desktop and mobile devices. It moves document sharing and approval management out of email inboxes and into an easy-to-use portal. It provides web pages that facilitate collaboration, bringing together documents and other digital artifacts, calendars, discussions, and enables simple to complex workflows for routing artifacts or managing and tracking approvals. All of this results in simplifying everyday tasks and increasing everyone’s productivity.  Woven into existing business processes, it alleviates many of the challenges that organizations and teams often encounter when collaborating.  Whether your organization is searching for a tool to improve efficiency or already uses SharePoint, Artemis Consulting is poised to design a solution that works for your organization and team.

What SharePoint Can Do For You

SharePoint is a gateway to better collaboration and document management for organizations, groups, and teams ranging in size from small to very large.
SharePoint can provide:

Enhanced Collaboration – Easily create several kinds of collaboration-enhancing websites: Team Sites, Community Sites, and Project Sites, for example.

Integrate with Applications – Outlook, Word, and Excel are Microsoft Office applications worth mentioning that are natively supported, but custom code enhancements can allow integration with almost any application. Integrate with Outlook email, calendars, and tasks. Work with versioned Word documents. Incorporate information within Excel spreadsheets.

Organizational Social Features – Blogs, Discussion Boards, Wikis, and “My Sites” for individual staff.

News and Event Feeds – Give everyone in the organization a one-stop glance at important things that have happened, that are going on, and that are coming up – restrict contribution to information in the feeds to select staff or open it to anyone.


Manage Tasks – Use basic workflows included with SharePoint or create new customized ones – delegate, track, and review tasks throughout their lifecycles. Custom workflows can meet the needs of even highly complex processes.

Online Review and Approval –Use workflows to manage review and approval of documents and other digital artifacts, being able to easily see progress through the process. 


Document Management – Keep organizational documentation available, protected, and versioned in a centralized repository, and access them via web pages.

Content Management – With some customization, SharePoint is an excellent platform for streamlining the creation, modification, and publishing of documents using the tools you already use, like Microsoft Office, Apache OpenOffice, or WordPerfect Office applications

Taxonomy and Governance – Define how the organization organizes and utilizes its information artifacts resulting in a streamlined, well organized portal.


Custom Branding – The basic look of SharePoint pages can be changed right from within SharePoint. Greater levels of styling can be achieved with specialized design and some coding skills.

Scalable – As use grows with more sites and more repositories, more supporting IT resources can be added with only minimal after-hours interruption.

Access Control – Set varying levels of permissions for access to portal content and repository artifacts – on a need-to-use basis.

Flexible Authentication – SharePoint uses a concept of authentication “zones”, allowing each zone to work with its own authentication method, such as forms-based authentication, identity database authentication, Active Directory authentication, or LDAP authentication.

If your organization already uses SharePoint, enhancements and customizations can further increase its value to the organization. Complex custom workflows, establishment of a web content management system (WCMS), and integration with customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are some of the things that SharePoint can support when it is taken further than “out-of-the-box”. Plus, SharePoint can grow from just an “intranet” resource for those within an organization to an “extranet” resource, accessible to external stakeholders via an isolated web server.


Full range of SharePoint Services


Services for Senate Members and Committee Offices

Artemis provides a full range of SharePoint Services through the Senate Sergeant at Arms SharePoint IDIQ.



SharePoint Services for Legislative Branch Offices

Our services are easily accessible to Members, Committee Offices, Sergeant At Arms, Congressional Budget Office (CBO), Library of Congress, Government Publishing Office (GPO), and the Architect of the Capitol.


Executive Branch

SharePoint Services for Federal Government Organizations

Artemis provides the Federal government the full range of SharePoint services which is easily accessible through our GSA IT 70 Contract.


Commercial and Non-profit Organizations

Commercial and Non-profit Organizations

Artemis provides commercial and non-profit groups the benefits of SharePoint including Collaboration Capabilities, Workflow, Content Management, Microsoft Office Integration, Customized Look & Feel and Performance/Scalability. 


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