Artemis Consulting's consultants have extensive experience in planning and managing large system implementations, designing and setting up new business functions and driving transformative programs for Government and commercial organizations. Some of our capabilities include:

- Program and Project Management

- Strategic and Operational Transformation

- Strategic Planning

- Assessments and Studies

- Business Process Redesign


In the same way that we deliver our first-class Technology solutions, our Management Consulting services are holistic in approach and consider both constraints and opportunities beyond the immediate horizon. We recognize that by implementing the right processes in the right places at the right times, with the right staff doing the right things, we can help you optimize your workforce in ways you might not have realized were possible. By working closely and collaboratively with you, Artemis consultants, many of whom are Project Management Professionals (PMP), will get to know your business inside and out, and make sound recommendations based on their deep experience and knowledge.

Strategic and Operational Transformation

The Artemis Consulting approach to strategic and operational transformation begins with careful planning. Current state, capabilities, budget, timeframe, and preferred state all need to be articulated in order for Artemis to design a custom solution that will adhere to these requirements throughout the transformation and sustain the support of clients and stakeholders throughout the process. Whether the transformation reshapes the strategic focus of the organization or seeks to redesign operational processes and models, we believe transformative success requires sustained energy, continual executive support, and constant communication. We work with our clients, as partners, to understand the mission needs that are driving the transformation and manage the change to maximize positive impact on the organization.

Program Management

Artemis Consulting’s experienced team has planned and executed program management for both public and private organizations. Our framework for program management has disciplined program and project management, metrics-driven execution, and strategic communications and stakeholder management at its core. At Artemis, disciplined program management goes beyond managing to the schedule. Rather we seek balance between managing the schedule, program and project risks and budget or a specific project against the greater needs and plans of the program as a whole. We have found that setting and baselining the right metrics upfront, even simple measures, are critical to understanding the status and progress of a program. Most programs today require matrixed staff to be successful and impact a variety of other programs or organizations as they execute their activities. Clear two-way communication within the program and to its stakeholders is therefore crucial to program’s success. We work with our clients, as partners, to identify the historical challenges to program management and collaboration in their organization we support, and develop customized strategies to address them.

Assessments and Studies

Artemis Consulting supports both large and micro assessments and studies. We have supported clients with a variety of assessments and studies to include selecting best of breed technology solutions, and identifying a strategy for a global rollout of a program. Our approach creates a customized assessment for each client using our standardized, and proven methodology. Before we begin an assessment, we work with our clients, as partners, to understand the problem or challenge to be studies as perceived by organizational leadership, staff, and stakeholders. Our lessons learned have shown that this initial step illuminates key constraints and obstacles for the organization and the assessment itself.