03 April 2017

Artemis Consulting announced that they will be providing financial support to AALEAD’s 2017 summer programs to support underserved youth in Fairfax County, Virginia.  Artemis Consulting made the announcement during AALEAD’s Aspire to Lead annual fundraising breakfast this March.  Other companies also providing financial support to the non-profit organization include Comcast, Eagle Bank and Walmart.  Amee Shah, CEO of Artemis Consulting, Inc., serves on the Advisory Board of AALEAD.  She believes that philanthropy is an important role for Artemis to play, stating “We have been a strong supporter of helping those in need within our communities, particularly those programs that give youths an opportunity to develop and grow, enabling them to have a successful future.”  Providing opportunities for growth is in line with Artemis’ core value of helping its employees develop their full potential.  Ms. Shah maintains “Artemis places a special emphasis on supporting the growth and development of its employees.”

Having been on AALEAD’s Advisory Board for some time now, Ms. Shah provides program development support and helps identify mentors for their youth.  Ms. Shah also supports AALEAD through a personal five-year pledge, which helps them manage their long-term financial planning.  AALEAD provides educational support and leadership opportunities to low-income, underserved Asian Pacific American youth through after-school, summer and mentoring programs in Virginia, Maryland and D.C. 

About Artemis Consulting, Inc.

Artemis Consulting is an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company in the United States. For over 17 years, the company has been designing and developing software, web portals, web applications, and mobile apps that are scalable and have helped transform their clients' organizations. They follow Agile Scrum and Kanban processes, as well as lean development principles and modern DevOps management techniques and tools.  Artemis Consulting provides a full range of IT services for commercial and Federal organizations to build scalable and resilient IT infrastructure either on premise or in the cloud.  Artemis Consulting provides network monitoring services, user experience expertise, and social media platform support to its clients.

Additionally, Artemis provides Management Consulting Services, including strategic planning, and program and project management.  They have extensive experience in planning and managing large system implementations, designing and establishing new business functions and transformative programs for government and commercial organizations. Their website provides details on the areas Artemis Consulting can help new clients, and the ways in which companies and government organizations can engage Artemis' experience and talent for innovative and cost-efficient solutions.