19 OCTOBER 2016

Two senior members of the Artemis Consulting team—Jay Muntz, Senior Consultant and Rohit Gupta, President and CTO—will be presenting at PHP[World] 2016 Conference this year. Their talk titled, “Working on a Large Federal Web Application” will discuss how Artemis Consulting supports one of their Federal clients on several major web applications.  Mr. Gupta stated, “We want to give attendees an understanding of the pluses and minuses of working on a large-scale web application with a sizeable team and important mission.” 

The presenters will speak  to the benefits of working on a web application that involves a very high level of developer support, including multiple components, technologies and stacks, a formalized release cycle process, as well as the impact of the work.  The talk will also relate some of the challenges, including slower pace of development, slower adoption of new technologies and ideas, and very high focus on accuracy and quality to the detriment of agility.

Held since 2015, PHP[World] is a four-day educational conference for PHP developers to help improve their knowledge and productivity. The conference was created to help bring together the various sub-communities of content management systems, application frameworks, and the larger PHP community that has been in existence.

About Artemis Consulting, Inc.

Artemis Consulting is an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company in the United States. For over 17 years, the company has been designing and developing software, web portals, web applications, and mobile apps that are scalable and have helped transform their clients' organizations. They follow Agile Scrum and Kanban processes, as well as lean development principles and modern DevOps management techniques and tools.  Artemis Consulting provides a full range of IT services for commercial and Federal organizations to build scalable and resilient IT infrastructure either on premise or in the cloud.  Artemis Consulting provides network monitoring services, user experience expertise, and social media platform support to its clients.