06 APRIL 2016

The Artemis team attended and led a focused discussion at the Federal Mobile Computing Summit by the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC).  This educational conference is a one-day symposium, featuring mobile subject-matter experts from the Federal government, industry and academia, to discuss the latest tools and trends in government mobility.  During the Summit, an area designated as the Mobile Technology Showcase, featured some of the latest technology by exhibitors who are some of the leading innovators in the mobile community. 

Rohit Gupta, President and CTO of Artemis Consulting, was the Industry Lead on the session about Mobility Solutions to Enhance Citizen Engagement.  “Our session gave attendees an opportunity to discuss how mobile technology is being used and ways in which it can provide a better digital experience,” said Mr. Gupta.  Attendees at the session talked about the ability of government agencies to provide APIs in a consistent manner.  They also discussed the need for not solely relying on postings through, but instead to promote them through their social media and other marketing channels.  The session also considered the circumstances for building a responsive website and when using a mobile app is appropriate.  They addressed the kind of apps being built for citizen engagement at the local or county level and how they differ from the ones being created for the state and federal arena.  In addition, they briefly compared mobile apps built overseas by other governments to ones here in the U.S., contrasting how competitive they would be here and whether they would be to scale for our population size.

The total cost of ownership was also a topic debated during the session.  The panel that Mr. Gupta led discussed that agencies look at the full cost of owning a mobile app over many years, determining that it requires a multi-year commitment from an agency to maintain it as OS upgrades are published and new features are needed, not simply publishing an app on the App Stores.

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