Artemis Heads to M-Enabling Summit

Artemis Consulting is excited to attend the M-Enabling Summit. Being no stranger to developing top-notch accessible websites, Artemis hopes to learn about new technologies and trends in accessible and assistive technologies for individuals living with disabilities and senior citizens around the world. The Summit will cover innovations that are leading the way in helping these individuals access digital content and other services.

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2017 Line-up

It is hard to believe we are well into February 2017 already! Our leadership and delivery teams dove into 2017 with high energy and extreme focus on our clients’ highest priorities and challenges. You may be wondering what direction our Blogs, or as we call them internally “our voices” are headed in this year. We have an exciting line-up of awesome blogs planned with a continued focus on two areas of persistent interest among our clients and peers - mobile development and accessible web/mobile solutions.

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Accessibility: Is it part of your digital strategy?

In a thought-provoking video last month CNN captured the heart and soul of why Accessibility is vital to successful development projects It’s not because there is a legal obligation, not because it’s an item to check off your list when designing websites and Apps, it’s because it directly impacts people. Are you thinking well………’s not impacting most of our users?

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Innovation and Cost

There has recently been a lot of talk about innovation and the benefits associated with being innovative. We all want to lead the team that is coming up with the latest and greatest solutions but there are many costs associated with innovation. In this blog, we are thinking of innovation as a change to the way of doing business or the business model, and with these changes come cost. One of the more tangible costs of innovation is the purchase of necessary infrastructure, technology, expert personnel, etc. These are costs that you directly see in the expense column of your project. These costs, if you are knowledgeable, can be quantified and anticipated.

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Women In Technology – Part 3 – Why are the Numbers so Low and What are People Doing About It?

In our first blog in this series, Women In Technology – Why are the Numbers so Low and What are People Doing About It?,  we kicked this discussion off with comments from Stephanie Sydorko (Python Developer). Then we heard from Risa Ohara (Manager and Senior Developer). This is the third in our series of Women in Technology blogs.

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