And, Now a Wrap-Up!

Amee Shah, CEO
| 01 January 2016

Here at Artemis Consulting, 2015 was an exciting year.


Scala and XML – The New Kid on the Block

Andrew Benner, Senior Developer
| 12 December 2015

Every time you turn around it seems there is a new computer language vying for the coveted spot a

Top Graphic Design Trends for 2015

Lydia Michalitsianos, Graphic Designer
| 05 December 2015

Are you updating a website but are having trouble understanding the reasoning behind the graphic


PHP Frameworks Comparison Series: Phalcon

Aidan Lydon, Senior Consultant
| 25 November 2015

We continue our PHP frameworks series with our take on Phalcon.

Reflections on Management - Putting Together New Teams

Amee Shah, CEO
| 18 November 2015

As we start up a new project, I am struck again with how much time and effort goes into creating


PHP Frameworks Comparison Series: Zend Framework 2

Jay Muntz, Senior Consultant
| 09 November 2015

The next entry in our Artemis Consulting Frameworks Comparison Series is Zend Framework 2 (ZF2).&


An Introduction to Git-SVN, a simple conduit for change sets between Subversion and Git

John Thompson, Developer
| 03 November 2015

Working with different development teams and in different corporate environments, one may find th

Women In Technology – Part 3 – Why are the Numbers so Low and What are People Doing About It?

Amee Shah, CEO, with a perspective from Holly Wright, Project Manager
| 30 October 2015

In our first blog in this series,


Zend PHP Certification, an Inside View

Mike Evett, Senior Consultant
| 06 October 2015

I recently passed the Zend PHP Certification Exam.


PHP Frameworks Comparison Series: Symfony

Jay Muntz, Senior Consultant
| 30 September 2015

This blog features the results of our evaluation of the popular PHP framework called Symfony.&nbs