Artemis Reflects on the php[world] Conference

J. Muntz
| 22 November 2016
I just got back from the php[world] conference where Artemis Chief Technologist Rohit Gupta and I gave a talk sharing our experiences working on federal websites. It was a great experience that helped me find out about several things that are on the minds of PHP Developers these days.

Stop by and see our presentation at PHP World 2016

Rohit Gupta, President
| 14 November 2016

PHP World is the top forum for learning and collaboration for PHP developers. It brings together the PHP communities of Drupal, WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, Laravel, Zend Framework, and Symfony.


Artemis Presenting at Upcoming PHP Conference

P. Dewsbury
| 04 November 2016
Two of the Artemis Team—Jay Muntz, Senior Consultant and Rohit Gupta, President—will be presenting at PHP (World) 2016 Conference this year.

The PHP conference is coming up. Register today if you have not already!

P. Dewsbury
| 03 November 2016
The PHP [World] 2016 Conference will be taking place in two weeks in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Have you registered yet?

Overview of Projects vs. Programs: Program Management Office (PMO) – What is That Anyway?

A. Shah
| 31 October 2016

Now that we addressed the difference between a program and a project, let’s dig deeper. What is a Program Management Office?


Which New Digital Tools Should You Adopt?

A. Shah
| 13 October 2016
As new and cool digital tools come out every day – it’s hard for the government and business to keep up. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends and feel that you “must” adopt tools that you see other companies adopt. It is also common to feel overwhelmed by the choices out there.

The “s” in HTTPS is About to Really Matter to Small Businesses and Blog Sites

R. Gupta
| 28 September 2016
Over the last few years, Google Chrome has taken over as the browser used by most users on the internet unseating Firefox and Internet Explorer and still being ahead of Apple’s Safari and Microsoft Edge.

Are Your Web Forms Accessible?

A. Shah
| 19 September 2016
As the business owner of a commercial or Government website, you want to make sure that all the features of your website are accessible and usable by all who might visit your website.

Accessibility: Is it part of your digital strategy?

H. Wright
| 06 September 2016
In a thought-provoking video last month CNN captured the heart and soul of why Accessibility is vital to successful development projects

WordPress CMS: Three Best Practices

H. Siew
| 03 August 2016
Often times in programming, developers find themselves applying practices without knowing their true origin or even why they’re used. The key to becoming a better programmer is to remain vigilant and curious.