Going Agile? What does your product roadmap look like?

Recently, I came across various agile development projects where very little attention was paid to developing a ‘product roadmap’. As agile ideologies and more dynamic teams are rapidly replacing waterfall software development methodologies, the focus is clearly shifting from creating detailed requirements documents to developing product backlogs. With agile transformations being implemented across the industry. Government, non-profits, and organizations are trying to scale agile across the enterprise.

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Mobile Apps vs. Responsive Web Design

A critical IT dilemma that commercial businesses and federal organizations are facing today is the formulation of a Mobile Strategy.

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Does your Company or Organization need a Mobile App?

One of the questions that we often receive from decision-makers in industry and the government sector is: "do you think I need a mobile App"? My standard answer is always "it depends"… This answer is not intended to brush them off.  On the contrary, deciding to develop or having someone develop a mobile App for you is no small undertaking.

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