Observations from the M-Enabling Summit

I was excited to attend the M-Enabling Summit. While the concepts of software development for accessibility is not new to me, the whole world of other assistive technologies was quite new and eye-opening. I was bowled over to see the tools and assistive technologies for individuals living with disabilities and senior citizens around the world. It was also interesting to see the creativity that is being put forth to make even more capabilities available to individuals living with disabilities.

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Why Choose Wordpress?

The tech world is especially merciless when it comes to applications which do not deliver. The abundance of options which are available right across the spectrum of the web development life cycle ensures that underperforming or simply ineffective products are quickly dropped from use. Compare this to successful applications, which grow in popularity and use such as WordPress.

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Security Updates: To Update or Not, An Age Old Tale

Software updates are frequently available to users. Typically, these might be security fixes or some functionality that is newly available. Notifications of a process being unable to complete are common to most web users due to out-of-date software; whether or not to actually install suggested or recommended updates is often not a straight forward decision.

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Zend PHP Certification, an Inside View

I recently passed the Zend PHP Certification Exam. My preparation involved several months of study, reading the PHP manual, taking practice tests, and also the Zend online training class for the exam. All of these materials contributed to building knowledge and understanding of the concepts behind various aspects of PHP development.

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Confronting the New IT Security Reality

The recent data breach at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), which compromised the personal data of millions of current and former federal employees, further illustrates the vulnerability of web-based data. Federal agencies remain an enticing target for politically motivated hackers, and private sector interests are also subject to large-scale cyber-attacks. Often, these attacks are for financial gain, to gain competitive advantage, or get better access to national security related data. Cyber-crime takes many guises.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Developing Interactive iBooks - Part 2

In our last blog post on developing iBooks, we introduced iBooks Author and the .widgt container. After building the framework, Artemis Consulting built features and tested the iBook for usability on different iOS devices.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Developing Interactive iBooks

Tablet devices are now well established and offer a solid alternative to the traditional web browser. All types of companies, and even the government, are targeting this market with  tailored content delivery approaches. Apple's iBooks is an application that has generated a large amount of interest and continues to grow. Last year, Artemis Consulting worked with a client who was specifically seeking to reach the iPad audience through iBooks.

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