Business Speed Dating for Entrepreneurs

Women in Technology (, @WITWomen) organized a unique “speed-dating”-like speaker’s format at the Lessons from the TechTank program on June 15. The format gave budding entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and professionals a unique opportunity to learn about a range of business areas from marketing to operations, and fundraising.

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Worried About Follow-Through on Strategic Objectives or Prioritization of Limited Resources?

A few years ago, Program Management Offices (PMO) were all the rage in management. Everyone was setting up PMOs. The question that was often not asked was - whether a PMO was needed and what purpose it would serve. In this blog, rather than asking, do you need a PMO, we are going to explore questions that lead to determining why you might need a PMO.

Questions to ask yourself and your peers:

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Looking Back on 2016

We are having a hard time believing that it’s already time to wrap up 2016.

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Overview of Projects vs. Programs: Program Management Office (PMO) – What is That Anyway?

Now that we addressed the difference between a program and a project, let’s dig deeper. What is a Program Management Office?

The Program Management Office (PMO) manages a Program. It is led by a Program Manager and support staff needed to manage a Program. The staff of a PMO understands the organizational objective the Program is trying to achieve and the overarching plan to achieve it through the projects that comprise the program.

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Which New Digital Tools Should You Adopt?

As new and cool digital tools come out every day – it’s hard for the government and business to keep up. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends and feel that you “must” adopt tools that you see other companies adopt. It is also common to feel overwhelmed by the choices out there. Try these criteria in making your decision:

• Automates a manual process. Does it automate a process or can it increase the speed at which a business process can be accomplished in a unique way? Efficiency continues to be a key to making tight budgets go further.

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Are Your Web Forms Accessible?

As the business owner of a commercial or Government website, you want to make sure that all the features of your website are accessible and usable by all who might visit your website.

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Key Features of Projects and Programs

In our last blog we took a crack at defining a Project versus a Program and the difference in managing the two. You can read that blog Project Management vs. Program Management – What’s the Difference? here.

Now that you have a high-level overview, we are going to break it down a further using characteristics that highlight distinctions between a Project and Program.

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Project Management vs. Program Management – What’s the Difference?

As promised, in the Program Management: One of the Most Misused Terms the first blog, in our series we addressed program and project management terminology, clarified it using simple language, and then, delved into helping you make decisions on when you might need a PMO and what type of PMO is right for you. In this blog, we are taking a step back to define the difference between a project and program to set the groundwork for future blogs.

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Program Management: One of the Most Misused Terms in Business

The terms Program, Program Management Office (PMO), and Program Manager are very popular these days and, yet, are one of the most misunderstood and misused terms in business. I am going to give you a sample of how I have seen and heard these terms used. For many, a Program means a big complex project that is mission critical or has high visibility for any number of reasons and therefore, it needs to be managed by a Program Manager rather than a Project Manager. For others, a Program is a specific, temporary or cyclical function in an organization. Meanwhile, for some, a PMO is simply an office that acts as a coordinator to gather information about a set of projects and funnels the information to more senior managers. While for others, a PMO is a centralized body for a series of related projects that ensure coordination between them, allowing consolidation of reporting, and resource sharing. So – which one is it? As a certified PMP, Project Management Professional, I have been chuckling, and sometimes grimacing, at this mishmash phenomenon for almost 10 years. In that period, I have watched many professional project and program managers shake their heads or get irate at the ways in which these terms have been used. I think the blame lies, at least partially, with those of us who are professionals in this arena. The Program Management industry has numerous seminars, conferences, and workshops every year. Very few of the ones I have attended break down the differences between project management and program management well. Even fewer explain the role of PMOs in clear and simple terms. Early in my career, I attended a three-day seminar on managing PMOs and projects and found myself scratching my head when loaded down with new acronyms, techniques, and processes. Since then, I invested time to understand the differences and learned the best ways to set-up and manage PMOs. Where do you fall in this debate? I will breakdown these concepts into simple terms that have served me well in my upcoming blogs. I look forward to turning some head scratching into head nodding.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Year

As you begin 2016, have you asked your team what their professional goals are for the year? Have you asked yourself what your professional goals?  Studies have shown that goal-setting and planning are crucial to professional growth and happy, engaged teams.

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