Why Email Communication is Still Important in Our Busy World

M. Evett
| 06 October 2017
Whether communication be a skill, art, or combination of both, there is no doubt that being able to

The Communications Conundrum

M. Evett and A. Shah
| 29 September 2017

We have had a lot of internal debate about the best way to communicate within our teams and here’


Where do government websites stand on accessibility?

D. Emerson
| 28 July 2017
While just about anyone who deals with managing or developing websites is aware of the term “Section

Business Speed Dating for Entrepreneurs

A. Shah
| 07 July 2017

Women in Technology organized a unique speaker’s format at the Lessons from the TechTank program.

Observations from the M-Enabling Summit

M. Evett
| 26 June 2017

I was excited to attend the M-Enabling Summit, while the concepts of software development for...

Artemis Heads to M-Enabling Summit

H. Wright
| 13 June 2017

Artemis Consulting is excited to attend the M-Enabling Summit.

Going Agile? What does your product roadmap look like?

H. Pham
| 07 June 2017

Recently, I came across various agile development projects where very...


Designers, are you designing a positive experience for your users?

Z. Long
| 11 May 2017

Designers and users do not always see eye-to-eye about what a good user experience entails.

GIT With Subversion Quick Hints

C. Aguilar
| 13 April 2017
Earlier, an Artemis blog post provided An Introduction to GIT-SVN.

Worried About Follow-Through on Strategic Objectives or Prioritization of Limited Resources?

A. Shah
| 22 March 2017

A few years ago, Program Management Offices (PMO) were all the rage in management.